Services we provide

  • Advocacy: through various platforms, we highlight the problems with orphanages, trafficking and orphanage volunteering;

  • Investigations: we investigate child abuse and neglect, child trafficking, and financial fraud in orphanages and/or connected to orphanages; 

  • Reunification: we reunify children whom have been unnecessarily / illegally separated from their families through kidnapping or adoption back to their families (read more about our 'Reunite' project here); 

  • Social work: we provide social work case management so that our cases are robust and well managed and that a child's best interest and family's holistic care is at the centre of our work;

  • Research: we undertake research on topics such as 'voluntourism', care leavers, missionary trips and ethics in orphanages. We also support master's and PhD students conduct their own research, related to vulnerable children in Uganda;

  • Counselling: we provide survivors of abuse and trafficking with ongoing professional counselling through qualified Ugandan child counsellors and psychologists;

  • Education and medical support: if necessary, we provide ongoing education and medical support to the children and families connected to our programmes; 

  • Mentoring: we help establish care leaver networks and provide mentoring support; 

  • Monitoring: we monitor children and families connected to our programmes;

  • Evaluation: at the request of our clients, we evaluate their alternative care related projects.

Disclaimer: all the work that we do is in line with the Ugandan legal framework and Ugandan systems to ensure that we are working with, and supporting, the government’s policies.